About Me

I have been in the social services and counseling fields for many years. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, with a bachelor’s degree in Theology and master’s degree in Human Services.



Seeking counseling can be the first step to resolving internal and external conflict.  

Mood Disorders

Life Transitions

Work-related Stress

Spiritual Guidance

Relationship Conflict

Searching for Significance

Where to Start

Face-to-Face or Telehealth Counseling

Decide what works best with your schedule. Traditional face-to-face sessions at an office location or telehealth (online video conferencing, telephone, or live chat) sessions.  Note: some health insurances do not pay for telehealth sessions. Verify eligibility with your health insurance prior to scheduling a telehealth session.

Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment through phone calls, texting, email or live chat.  Sessions range from 15 minutes to 1 hour.